1 January 2007

Another day… but far from ordinary….
I’ve never been one who makes resolutions at the beginning of the year. I prefer to make resolutions when I feel I am ready at any time of the year. 
Not ordinary? Well, traditions were not met this time. But a pleasant encounter made it extra special. 
Now I know I’d sleep soundly tonight….
Was writing about reflections on New Year’s Eve. Homily at Eve’s mass focused on “Fear of God”. I believe this should take top priority over the usual “Have a prosperous New Year!” greeting. All man’s graces come from only One Almighty. And even before man prospers, fear in Him takes place first. 
If I have to make a resolution for the very first time this year, I guess this is it …. Fear in the Lord. 
Wishing everyone a year filled with God’s love.