07 February 2008

It has been sometime since I’ve written my thoughts down. Work has been tight and health hasn’t been so cooperative. I guess it’s the cold and hot weather both getting into my system intermittently.

Having been surrounded by Tsinoy colleagues, I have somehow imbibed their beliefs. Not that I believe much in Chinese astrology or in feng shui. But I guess there is really no harm in knowing, trying (at times) and using them as guides.

Being born in the year of the wooden dragon, I have always been told that luck is always at my side. As a friend, dragons are compassionate and generous. At some point, I can relate to this. But I am one who doesn’t purely rely on luck (Guess that explains why I never win in any raffle contests.) or what is written in the stars.

Whatever comes my way, anything I have achieved in over 4 decades, all these are fruits of what I have labored and what God has willed.

Dreams inspire. Work to achieve is necessary. But prayers are still my most powerful tools to reach my goals.

Dragons may be lucky this year. But any year may be favorable as long as you stay focused on your goals. A friend told this me a few days back…and I intend to work on it.