12 February 2008

I have thrived with music since I was a kid. From the first nursery rhymes to today’s pop hits. I don’t think I can live without it.

I joined my grade school glee club, my high school drama guild (that gave me a lead role in an English play that had a song number at the middle of the 2nd Act), and up until my first job in a bank where I was part of the Chorale.

The Chorale gave me one of the best highs, giving me the chance to perform in almost all of the bank functions. Highlight of which is the yearly chorale competition in the banking industry. Modesty aside, we’d always grab the top plum with a best in choreography to boot.

When I left the bank, I was back on just playing with my cassettes and long playing albums (ha ha ha ha…yeah I’m old) when I worked in Sta. Monica for some time. Despite absence of any music-related activity, I never lost the grip in loving music. (Almost watched the Grammys LIVE, too bad plans didn’t push through.)

The 90s came and I got to work for a music company. Never in my life have I dreamt (much less planned) to work in an industry where anywhere my head turns, melodies and lyrics are heard.

It’s a tough climb, a lot of rocks I’ve stumbled on, great perks in catching concerts (for free!!!) and meeting local and international artists.

To be continued….. (Been a long day, it’s almost 9 pm…have to rest after a very stressful day.)