Day of Valor

I have been experiencing pain on my right arm. Didn’t bother myself about it since late February. However, it has become unbearable.

After the past couple of years of having my carpal tunnel syndrome released, my lumbar slip disc injected with epidural, my degenerative disc disease (ddd) healed by therapy, (plus my bout with the dreadful chicken pox….at my age….) I have acquired another bone/muscle illness according to my trusted orthopeadic surgeon.

I have Tennis Elbow!

Strange but I never engaged in any raquet sport or anything strenous to abuse my arm. But Doc said it’s wear and tear. First thing that came to mind was…..”Am I like an aircon fan belt or a worn out tire?” “Is this age related?”

Painkillers were prescribed for 10 days. But that was 2 weeks ago. I have to bear the pain than be dependent on medicines. Tomorrow is therapy session 3/6. I just wish it heals real soon so I can enjoy summer.