09 April 2008

I have been a gadget freak since the time I can no longer recall. But I must admit I’m more of an impulse buyer when there is something new in the market.

You can say that I’d put money to waste without maximizing these purchases.

Well………………..You’re right! Ha ha ha….

But over the long weekend, I’ve started “using” these acquisitions more often than I have in the past. The DSLR was put to use (the last was in a group photo shoot at BHS) last Saturday during the Manila International Auto Show at the world Trade Center. Most Pictures I took were crappy that I had to delete it right away. I have a few in my CF card which I’ll download soon.

My notebook was pretty much used over the weekend not just for surfing or checking mails. I got to learn a lot of its features only last Sunday. Hmmm, to think that it’s turning a year old in June.

Since the first time I got a the first gen Ipod Nano, I recall I only uploaded MP3 once. And that was..hmmm…in 2003. That white nano is with my bro now since I was gifted with a 4G 2nd-gen Nano. Wasn’t used much except when I do cardio at the gym. And the music I uploaded (or is it downloaded…I get confused…) in 2006 were never replaced.

Then I discovered and purchased Touch 32G last month. It brought me a new meaning of a media player. Apart from listening to my CD collection, I can connect on line (weeeee!!!!) and view music videos.

Then learned a few days back that I can watch my DVDs. Ain’t that cool?

I just need to add memory to my Mac and start ripping movies away.

After this, I need to exhaust features of my E90 and W960. Hopefully soon.