20 May 2008

A day before the finals, I have heard a lot of predictions who between the Davids will be this years American Idol.

I’ve always wanted Cook as a singer/performer who reinvents himself with almost every song…or should I say reinvents a cover.

Archuleta is cute, can carry a tune, and has wide appeal with the younger set.

Coming from a music business point of view, both may be able to sell well but longevity in the muisc business which has faced a sharp downward trend is more important.

The likes of Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Berrino & Taylor Hicks may have been popular during the competition but their novelty and popularity has waned specially that their debuts come months after they were declared.

Who should win – David Archuleta. Why?

Cook has already built up the foundation of a long music career with or without taking the crown.

As for the teeny bopper Archuleta, he needs this to up his ante from his “at times” hum-drum predictable performance.

Good thing the finals is on Thursday….I don’t have a session with my trainer. 🙂