20 May 2008

Today at work seems busier than ever now that my Boss is back from his two week European trip. Ergo, the office is nosier than ever (yeah he always speaks at the top of his voice).

And since most directors and managers are out on a meeting, he stays at my office mostly as he has no one to talk to.

So while he rambles ( I was looking at him but thinking of something else), I thought of making a list of things I would love to do….

1. Backback in Europe for over a month.
2. Take graduate studies. (This has been long overdue!)
3. Walk along the shores of Boracay at dusk.
4. Take my bro to Disneyland.
5. Visit (and stay the whole day) in the biggest Apple Store wherever it is.
6. Friends marathon (10 seasons). Sex and the City maration (6 seasons). Will &U Grace marathon (8 seasons).
7. Have coffee and read a book overlooking the fog in Baguio City.
8. Walk along the streets of Rome (dangerous and risky but that’s part of the fun!)

I’m sure there is more but I need to get back to work (and reality!!!)