10 June 2008

While having my usual brew in my quiet place somewhere in the city, I saw a couple playing a board game. From afar, I couldn’t see what it
 was but when I walked closer, it was the actual “Rush Hour” virtual game I saw from a friend’s IPhone months back.

I was hesitant to ask the couple where they got it. When I mustered enough guts to approach and ask, I saw the bag where the “Rush Hour” game board came from…..it’s Hobbes and Landes….

Out of sheer excitement, I rush to the nearest branch to check it out. Too bad it was priced at PhP 1,799!!!

I felt frustrated as I find this kinda pricey. But then I smiled when I saw my old time favorite board game —–>>>> TABOO!!! and it’s only PhP 1,300++. Great Deal.

Too bad their only stock is the item on display that has been opened for customers to check out.

So i roamed around the store and found another favorite from years back–>> GUESSTURES!

It look different from the board game I used with my friends and it seemed like the new outing is the “electronic” version. Price wise, kinda hefty for PhP 2,100++.

Hmmm, think….think…think…..I’m tempted to get all. Ha ha ha…