25 June 2008

It’s been half a month since I blogged. I can’t say I’m busy. Let’s just say I couldn’t think of anytying to write about. The past two weeks swiftly passed by and dampened by a devastating typhoon last weekend.

It also made me think that time is quickly passing by. I’ve got so much plans that I’ve put aside for so long. And I think I should prepare myself to work on them as mid year is about to end.

One of which is getting back to school. I’ve always wanted to earn an MBA degree. Have started in 1986 with my alma mater but after 2 trimesters, I decided to stop. I was so engrossed and involved that time with my “singing career” with the chorale of the bank I used to work at.
Then in early 2000 (until 2005), I never stopped searching for scholarships to study abroad, specifically in London. I would attend endless MBA fairs from various universities and get brochures, flyers and handbooks given by admissions officers. I’d set myself in interviews with a number of school reps for th possibility of getting a grant. I have contacted with embassies for possible funding.
But all that failed. There may be a lot of reasons. But one thing I’ve learned in the recent past is, when it’s not for me, then it’ll never happen. But this did not hamper my dream of getting an MBA.
I’ve searched far and wide and little did I realize that there are several good universities in the country that I have just overlooked. I really do not care much of the recent article that the top Philippine universities have dropped out of the world’s Top 500 list.

So I nine months to prepare for a lot of things for this new venture. And I am just as excited as those in the university of my choice as they celebrate their centennial year.

It’s been 22 long years since I read a text book or submitted a paper to a professor. I may fear getting back to the classroom once again but just the anticipation of sinking myself into the learning process excites me.