7 Aug 2008

Here it is…finally got a copy of the plans for the much awaited 3G I Phone. I find it too pricey. I wonder if Singtel (Globe’s partner) has the same scheme in Singapore.

If only the 3G I Phone would follow the footsteps of its elder brother and penetrate the grey market, maybe…just maybe I’d consider getting one. But then, unlocking it would be another issue. I wonder if someone has done this already.


The pricing for the 2-year locked prepaid kits:
Php41,889 for 8GB iPhone 3G
Php48,889 for 16GB iPhone 3G

This comes with 50 hours of free mobile internet & includes Php200 free load per month for 5 months. The Php5 per 15 minutes 3G charging also applies.

Pricing for the 2-year locked postpaid plans:
Plan 1599: Php1,599/month (Php16,800 for 8GB and Php22,300 for 16GB)
Plan 2199: Php2,199/month (Php14,600 for 8GB and Php20,000 for 16GB)
Plan 3299: Php3,299/month (Php12,300 for 8GB and Php17,800 for 16GB)
Plan 3999: Php3,999/month (Php5,600 for 8GB and Php11,000 for 16GB)
Plan 4999: Php4,999/month (FREE for 8GB and Php5,000 for 16GB)

Plan 3299 to 4999 will get unlimited WiFi from Globe WiZ, nationwide as well as 100 hours of free monthly 3G usage.
Plan 1599 and 2199 will have 40 and 60 hours per month respectively. Excess hours is billed at Php0.50/minute.

For GFlex and GPlan offerings:
GText: Php500 MSF + Php29,000/Php34,000 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GMix: Php800 MSF + Php25,700/Php31,100 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GTalk: Php1,200 MSF + Php23,800/Php29,300 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GTalk Plus: Php1,800 MSF + Php22,000/Php27,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GMatch: Php2,500 MSF + Php20,000/Php25,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GMax: Php3,500 MSF + Php18,000/Php23,400 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GPlan 5000: Php5,000 MSF + FREE/Php6,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GPlan 7000: Php7,000 MSF + FREE/Php5,000 one-time (8GB/16GB)
GPlan 10000: Php10,000 MSF + FREE/Php3,300 one-time (8GB/16GB)