I haven’t seen Baguio for the past 13 years. I got the chance to visit the country’s summer capital as my cousin is getting married tomorrow at Our Lady of Lourdes Church with myself standing as Best Man ( a first for me!) and my Mom as one of the couple’s principal sponsors.

I have spent my teen summer years in Baguio when my brother, maternal grandmother and I would visit and spend a whole month at my Aunt’s place. Her apartment then (which we call the White House) is just across St. Louis Hospital and University where she works as a gastro enterologist and is a professor at the University.
I recall I never experienced Manila heat from 1977 till 1980 and often times enjoy the sweet pine scent along Session Road.
But when we got here around 6 hours ago, I can’t sniff a hint of pine and the weather, though rainy, isn’t as cool as before. Traces of global warming I guess.
But what makes this trip memorable isn’t really seeing Baguio again. It is significant because I’m spending time with family which we have not done for a very long time.
Tomorrow’s wedding makes me tense though. I have never stood as a best man for anyone and I really do not know what I should be doing. I asked my cousin (who is also my godson) and he only said, “It’s going to be worry free, Kuya Perry.” I just wish I won’t be put on the spot….speech, garter and all.
Can’t wait to have my Grande Drip with Splenda at Starbucks Camp John Hay. πŸ™‚