I am currently looking into having my condo unit done so that I can finally move in towards year-end. It’s been 4 years since it was turned over to me and never thought of moving in as I didn’t like the way it was made. Besides, I don’t fit getting through the bedroom and master bedroom shower. And my feet doesn’t fit the stair steps. Tragedy isn’t it. Well so much for local real estate developers in this country.

After texting a whole lot, I got 16 desginers who are asking for a schedule to view my unit. Hmmm, does this mean I have to show the unit 16 times?!?!?! I hope not. Besides, I am only free to do this on Saturdays. Well…maybe on weekdays during my lunch hour but not this week when Marce has been so unpredictable.

I had a thought. What if I ask all 16 to come altogether, do ocular, measure and submit a design and quotation? Hmmm, just like a reality show. Ha Ha Ha….

Of course, this isn’t possible much less professional.

I just hope I can get a value-for-money designer who can realize my dream of living in NEW YORK.