The past week has been very quiet for me. Apart from work and planning for a major construction by the last quarter, there isn’t really much to do but practice my cooking skills, not that I have one.

Something must be wrong as I don’t get to sleep soundly like before. But then again, I may just be “over-thinking” and “over-analyzing” events in my life. I always planned to get back to the gym every night. But thinking that I would have to cook or re-heat my dinner at home makes me drive straight to my place and do my domestic chores.

I was invited to see “West Side Story” on Friday night. But I politely declined. I wasn’t in a “musical” mood.

Then just this morning I got an invite to a Sony Cybershot launch at the Rockwell Tent. It’s tempting as they’ll be raffling off the latest point-and-shoot cams. I declined as well. I wasn’t in a “partying mood”.

Maybe I am not in the mood for anything….festive or otherwise.

Sometimes I wonder how long this feeling would last. It’s making me uneasy. But hey, life is always a daily struggle. You just have to face the challenge head on. If I don’t, then there may be an oppurtunity loss.

Still….my chest feels so heavy. I can’t explain why.