Of all seasons, I just love it when Fall comes. Trees turn red…and then yellow…then fall off. Wind is much cooler. New seasons of TV shows commence 🙂 .

Fall gives me peace but more so, it tells me to shed all of what is past and begin anew. That’s the best part of it.

This morning, I realized a lot of things. But I’d rather keep it to myself for the moment to cherish.

And I’m glad I got to talk to an old friend who flew in from the US to stay here for good. And for that, my morning feels great after a 30 minute catch up on the phone.

I have friends, albeit few. But they are the ones who share my happiness when I’m up there and lend a shoulder when I’m down.

But what makes me doubly ecstatic is how I was able to express myself unabashedly and made my message across sometime ago. And because of that, things seemed sweeter. And I feel it’s a start of something deeper and more meaningful. When leaves fall off, a new one is born.