I have always loved singing. I’ve joined school plays with singing parts, the school choir, a bank’s chorale group and even a singing competition in senior high.

As a kid, my nanny would always hum me to sleep in the afternoon without knowing that her tunes would be my LSS years after. Strange isn’t it.

The very first full song I have loved (and memorized) is Burt Bacharach’s “Raindrops…” by Dionne Warwick. From that moment, I knew that Burt and Dionne will be my favorites for a long time.

I got the chance to get a copy of the latest Dionne Warwick CD released by MCA Universal locally. “My Friends and Me” is a collection of her hits with a twist. She performs every track with as a duet with Gloria Estefan, Mya, Gladys Knight, Reba McEntire and Olivia Newton-John among others.

It’s a very soothing album that brings me back to my favorite era….the 70s and early 80s.
Just wanted to share.