I have been contemplating on getting rid of my gym membership. I don’t get to work out as often because of my never-ending workload. And my trainer sessions are getting to be very expensive.

Then a good friend suggested to try playing badminton. I used to play this with my brother, well back in the early 70s in our former house’ backyard. I recall my Mom bought a set (2 rackets and with a shuttlecock housed in a bag with strap) and my brother and I would endlessly hit the shuttlecock in all directions. At least during that time it was “our” sport. (By the way, the rackets, shuttlecock, bag are all made of PLASTIC!!! Ha ha ha…. and if my mind serves me right, Mom bought this in Arcega’s Department Store in Escolta, Manila (their time’s Glorietta)).

I have been scouting for courts where to play within the Quezon City, Cubao and Las Pinas / Paranaque areas. I was surprised there are a lot all around the metropolis!

This weekend, I’ll scout for rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes and gear. Sounds exciting for me.

Now the only problem is, who can teach me how to play and who shall I play with?