For the past 2 months, I have brought my compact-sized SUV at the Casa for repair every single week. I was literally at the service area every Monday noon and would pick up my vehicle Friday noon.

It all started when it was due for a 70 thousand kilometer check-up which i felt was the opportune time to have it serviced as I was driving off to Baguio for a wedding in late August.

Even before the trip, the steering well was acting up so the service guys overhauled the assembly.

Week after week when I got back to Manila, the “power” function of the steering wheel gives up. Finally after 4 week-long repairs (to include 3 e-mails to the Service Department Manager and 6 tongue-lashing telephone conversations with the service adviser), the steering wheel went back to normal mode.

Yesterday when I was driving to work, I noticed the thermostat at almost a fourth less than the overheating level. I panicked but still continued driving as I was halfway to the office. After getting to my buildings basement parking, I opened the hood and checked the radiator and the water supply bin (???)…and it’s EMPTY!

Rushed up to my floor and called the service adviser who received another 5-minute litany of how inefficient they have been servicing in my car.

This morning, number-coding at that, I braved EDSA to bring the car to the CASA at Shaw Boulevard. It took me 2 hours at such a short distance. Why? I stop everytime the thermostat would almost reach its peak. I let the car cool down for around 30 minutes or so then continue driving. (with no aircon!!!)

As I arrived inside the service reception, I started talking (well, I think I cursed a couple of times) to the stupid service adviser. He can not utter any word (I didn’t let him) and office personnel and clients have began to stare.

The Manager overheard and approached us trying to figure out what was going on, the reason why I was flaring up, the 2-month history of repairs and was trying to appease me. Well, I was not one who can be controlled that moment. I was on a rage with these people whose liners everywhere would include “quality”.

I have always been a patient person. But circumstances like these bring out the worst in me. And early this morning at Honda Cars Shaw, it was my best at worst.