Car maintenance has taken it’s toll for me. With recent increases of just about anything on earth, there SHOULD be items in our lifestyle that MUST be extinguished…even temporarily.

My 5-year old vehicle has gone so much repairs (ex regular preventive maintenance) over the last quarter. Given that I am a slow driver, cars really show their “age” after their half-a-decade stay with the owner no matter how “regular” maintenance is.

So should i resort to public transport?

The Pros:

1. Economical (at least coming from a car owner)
2. It’s quick (sans traffic, cabs, jeepneys and trains are obviously faster than my driving style)
3. No car insurance, maintenance, gasoline, car wash to worry about.

The Cons:

1. Cab drivers are at times choosy and especially difficult to find during downpours, heavy or not.
2. Jeepneys let you have instant face powder while traversing every nook and cranny in the city. And it pains my back sitting on the benches while they speed off every hump & pothole. Actually, I can feel the pain on my spine (and butt) when I just sit on them.
3. Buses for me are road killers. Getting on a bus is a practice for your hand grip and balance. Alighting from a bus tests endurance of your forearms, knees and perfect landing (just like what gymnasts do)
4. Trains are so quick, cool and effiencient (more often than not). It is the going up there, falling in line, and squeezing in, within and out of the train that I find tough and scary (for myself and the stuff a bring along).

After going over the list, I have yet to make the decision.

Hmmm, think, think, think….