Did you ever feel at times when you hate to see or hear someone at any point in time? Or have you ever experienced hating a person and just want to erase his existence on this planet?

I have met and worked with a number since my banking days and boy do I show them that I really do not like them in more ways than one.

It has been a while since I felt this way. And it’s good I think, but now…..

Since last week, I have been avoiding the presence of my boss. I try to shut my ear whenever I hear his “LOUD” voice inside the office. I hate it when he asks (not requests, mind you) me to do things so trivial he himself (or his kids) can do.

After almost 2 decades working with him, I know I should get used to this. But it has come to a point when I can’t take much of it any longer that I feel he and his family have become so dependent on me.

From college application forms, to credit card or mobile phone problems, assignments of his kids (elementary to college), gym membership of his social climbing spouse who can not construct one gramatically correct English sentence, hiring of personal drivers, funeral services when someone in his family passes away, the debut party of his 2 daughters, and the list goes on and on.

Latest to this is the US visa application of the whole family. Not that I have not done this several times before. You name the country, I have applied the corresponding visa for them! But this time, with 2 adult kids and a high school sophomore son, I think they are literate enough to do this on their own and for their parents.

I really hate this. It just cultivates my yearning to pack up and find a job somewhere else. I should update my resume over the week!