After reading resumes for 18 years in my line of work, I have failed to make a curriculum vitae for myself. Further, I have not gone to any job interview during that time as I have never applied with any other company (or even tried).

I wonder how its like…….

1. To make a new resume
2. To apply in a company
3. To undergo the the initial interview
4. To accept rejection from prospective employers

Other than those, do I have to be in business attire? Being in the entertainment business for so long, I have never worn the usual “business attire” of long sleeves or santana barong with slacks. I have become a jeans and t-shirt person for almost 2 decades.

Nevertheless, I feel waiting for a package for another round of retrenchment is far-fetched. So leaving MAY suit me just fine.

I think it’s going to be a busy All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day weekend for me.