After a long week of turmoil at work, I thought to just retiring early after work last night. But then, hunger pangs were grumbling inside and I am just lazy too to test my culinary expertise late at night.

I didn’t feel getting inside a fine dining restaurant since it takes quite a while before food gets served. And I wanted to grab a quick bite near my place so that I can catch my favorite tv shows. So I thought of going to KFC, not that I want what they serve (it’s the least fastfood joint I go to versus McDonalds, etc.) but it’s less than a hundred meters away from home.

Somehow, driving my way inside the Araneta Center made me think twice of going to KFC but there wasn’t really much choice left. And then it started.

First I argued with the “self-imposed” parking attendant who asked me to move my car three “F”ing times as parked cars were moving out one at a time. And take note, each of them was taking their sweet time pulling out of the lot.

As I got inside, I can see from afar that the queue at the counter was a bit crowded. But then I felt so hungry and thought it was manageable. There were 4 customers in front of the cashier where I stood. I wondered what was taking long, the crew who’d take the orders and prepare them or the customer who thought KFC was a fine dine restaurant and had the time of her life choosing between regular or hot chicken variant.

I noticed that is was actually the order taker who was really so slow. So slow that her pace was totally glacial (to borrow Miranda’s term).

The three other customers had been smirking because they have been standing in line for such a long while. Hmmm,I thought, should I leave? Okay, patience is a virtue so I stayed on.

After the next three ladies in front of me got their orders, it was my turn. I chose 2 variants of the new “snack box” as they call it and a large mashed potatoes. Lady crew shouted at the cook to place the order. No available wings. So I changed it to two orders of the same snack box and the large mashed potatoes. Crew went to the food bin then turned to me and said, “fries or pops”? “One of each”, I replied. She turned her back again and went on telling me, “Ay sir, wala nang fries.” So I retorted, “Ok, make them both pops.”

She once again turned her back and said, “Ay sir, dalawang small mashed potatoes na lang?”

“No!” ( I was getting irritated.) “I said large size!”. Then I saw her getting at the back of the food bin and getting a large container and scooping chunks of mashed potatoes. Aha! So that’s the reason why she’s offerring the 2 small-sized mashed potatoes to skip exerting effort getting a large one. Hay…so much for this joint’s service.

Then she went back to the counter to tell me something new. (Now, why am I not really surprised.)

“Sir, wala na po yung chicken strips.”

This time, I have just had it with this lady (who I later realized was the crew who told me 3 weeks back that the sauce used in the rice bowl with chicken strips is CHOCOLATE! …Duh?!?!?!)

Then comes my litany. (I hope I can type it verbatim.)

“Look, I have already lost my appetite. You keep on telling me piece by piece what isn’t available?!?!? Can’t you device a system in this place where frontliners would know if you are running out of your products even before you take orders from your customers? What kind of service do you give here? You let people wait for a long time, you move at such a very slow pace and you tell your customers that their orders aren’t available? Don’t you realize that you not only waste our time but give us the impression that you are not trained well by your superiors. (At this time, I can see from my peripheral vision the store manager.) If my mind serves me right, you are the same crew who told me that the sauce in your rice bowl is CHOCOLATE! Are you out of your mind? Have you even tasted the food you sell here? And weren’t you at all oriented before you started your part-time job in this joint? When did your employment start? AN HOUR AGO?!?!?!?”

I was furious, other customers were looking silently, the crew at the back were staring, and the manager? Well, he was just standing stiff by the end of the counter munching on a donut hole.

Before lady crew can utter a word, I turned my back and left. I felt tired from the yelling I did, my throat got sore. But I didn’t feel any hunger any longer. Drove out of the parking lot and went on to McDonalds.

Still furious while having a 2-piece chicken with rice, spaghetti, apple pie, hot fudge sundae, large coke and fries, I felt I was harsh with the lady crew. But not rationalizing, I think it serves them right to hear a customer air his complaints. If not, they would still be the same slow, un-informed part-time employee who could not care less if they provide acceptable customer service or not.