I have been contemplating on getting myself connected to the world wide web without having to buy coffee and an internet card, much less look for a free wi fi spot.

I tried last year when I availed to Bayantel’s wireless landline. For PhP 333 a month, on top of the PhP 666 for the landline, I get 40 hours of free surfing. It was a good deal except that the ZTE phone from the telecom company doesn’t automatically connect with my Apple. 
Two of my best buddies had to work on my notebook, installing stuff I have never heard off (parallels, etc.) just so I can type “www” on the screen. 😦 
It went well for a good number of months but taking the “telephone” with me all the time can be taxing.  The Bayantel landline reaches 12 months on the 19th, just about the time I can terminate the connection. 
After searching last night, I am choosing among the following: Smart, Globe and Sun. I have been reading the three telcos plans and their unlimited plans (with almost the same monthly fees) seem to be great deals. 
Smart & Sun offer unlimited plans at PhP 999 while Globe is at PhP 995.  I just do not understand the speed that comes with the plan and how it is beneficial for me.  
Signal wise, whether I stay in my pad in Quezon City or my folks’ place down south of the Metro, my terminated Smart line gets a full-bar signal anywhere I am (even the bathroom). But both my current Globe and Sun lines’ are good in Quezon City but signal strength are low in my bedroom in BF. 
I am not sure if basing it from mobile phone signals, Smart is the smart choice. I am partial to Globe though since it has been my mobile provider for over a decade. 
Decisions, decisions….
Anyone of my millions of readers are free to comment and suggest where I should subscribe.
By the way, when I move to another part of the city, probably first half of 2009, I am not sure which of the three would suit me best. There are only specific providers allowed in the building. Cable is via Destiny (Has anyone heard of this?!?) while telephone lines are provided by either Bayantel (oh no, not again!) and PLDT.