My brother told me that the Compaq laptop I gave him (well passed on to him) has given up. The screen is all white and it hasn’t budged any bit despite his efforts to reset it. Plus, the hinges of the screen got broken.

I had this laptop repaired over a year ago. It just stopped functioning after a couple of years kept inside my cabinet. Good thing our PC supplier gave life to it.   

I recall I got this notebook from one of my previous trips to Singapore. Business or pleasure, I make it a point to pass by Sim Lim Square (personally, I feel this is Merlion Country’s Greenhills) and Funan IT Mall.
These two places are gadgets paradise! The best time to visit the place is in July/August where The Great Singapore Sale happens. If my mind serves me right, I purchased the notebook in 2001. I was so excited to bring it home and even pretended to have used it several times by taking off all the unnecessary stuff that came with it (box, styros, plastics, and all) so that I wouldn’t be taxed at NAIA.  Ha ha ha…
So now, my bro would just use the unit to charge his first and second gen ipods. And he looks forward to me going home so he can use my Mac (and the new music that comes with it). 
I just wish there’ll be great laptop deals this Christmas. Budget permits, I would like to get him one of those micro notebooks I see around. Apples are just a bit pricey to give him, even second hand ones cost a fortune! I just don’t know the quality of numerous micro laptops are. 
Any suggestions?