November 16, 1984

This day is significant for me as I landed my first job 3 months after I earned my degree. I never expected that I would follow the footsteps of my folks who have been bankers all their lives.

It was fun and exciting at first but after 5 years, I felt that this isn’t my world. I only stayed on that long because I enjoyed the company of my officemates, who to this day remain to be my closest freinds…well, at least 4 of them. All have migrated to the United States and I am the only one left in this Third World country. I have visited them a couple of times and remain to be part of my most memorable trips abroad.

The last 3 years of 5 doubled the fun when I passed the auditions for the Bank’s chorale group. We did not only get to perform within the Bank’s social functions but got to join in the annual interbank chorale competition. The best part of this is we always take the top plum and best in choreography for three consecutive years.

But I had to let go of all these and planned to work and live the United States. I had to psyche myself that I’d take the difficult and risky route and stay there illegally. I was lucky to have landed a white collar job in a hotel along Santa Monica Boulevard. Downside was, I was on a night shift at the front desk.

Then, the inevitable struck me. Homesickness. I couldn’t get over it so I headed back to Manila before my visa expired. My hotel bosses were trying to disuade me from leaving. The owner even promised that he’d work on my papers to legally work there.

But I was too young and did not have any foresight. I thanked them for their offer and bid adieu. There was the opportunity but I let it go. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t really for me. Because if it was, I wouldn’t be in Manila right now. He he he…

I readily landed a job in a multinational shipping company. But I quit after 2 months. Maybe I was still savoring the long US vacation or I wasn’t really interested to work then or my boss was such a b*tch.

I had to job hunt again. I was a bum for the longest 7 months of my life. I could not land a job as this was the time when the Middle East crisis was brewing. I was almost lucky when Philippine Airlines called me. After passing all interviews and medical exams, I was called for a briefing and to submit the usual employment requirements. But a week before the scheduled submission and orientation, they said that they are on freeze hiring.

I couldn’t believe it! It was so close and in a minute it was gone.

After about a couple of months of roaming around Ayala Avenue distributing my resume like flyers at every possible open door, I got a call from another multinational company who were looking for a junior management person to handle administrative operations. I wasn’t so keen with it because the office was far from where I live, I am not familiar with the area and the post offered wasn’t really my line.

Fast forward —> After one interview by the President, I declined the job. There wasn’t even an offer yet. Went home, and started to print more resumes. A week after, I got a call from the President and asked if I can come over to his office and reconsider my decision.

I was confused. I don’t know why. I got numb. I don’t know why. Then my mother spoke with me and said why don’t I give it a try. I wouldn’t lose anything since I am not doing anything. Ha ha ha…. she’s right.

After getting over the frustration from PAL, I started to work for this multinational entertainment company. And for the past 17 years, I can say my career had its ups and downs. I am not toally happy with it but it taught me a lot of things in life that I may not have learned had I taken other options.

But at this point, I am greatly considering to venture into another activity and move on to another job. What it is I have yet to discover but I am giving myself a timeline on what I want and when I should.