I consider myself a gadget freak. Not that I always buy one but when something new in the market tickles my fancy, I grab the chance to gift myself with it.

When a friend introduced me to Apple, I have begun to love the product that I have already purchased 5 of their iPod variants. I started out with the 1st gen black nano which I eventually gave to my brother. Then I got the 2nd gen green nano which I use at the gym.

I gifted a dear friend on his birthday early this year a blue shuffle which brought a very wide smile on his face.
Then last summer, I got myself the 32G iPod Touch and a 4Gb silver nano for my bro (not a hand-me-down this time).

And not 6 months have passed, the 2nd generation Touch was introduced to the local market, together with the aluminum unibody Macbook and Macbookpro.

Very tempting gorgeous gadget, that macbook. But my black Mac is just a year and half old and I love it dearly. Well, it really took me a long while to get used to it being a Windows user all my life.
But thanks to my good friend who showed me a new world outside PC. For me, Apple just simplifies everything.