I got the chance to view the latest reality show copycat from a local network….Pinoy Fear Factor.

I wonder –

1. Why do they have to say/put “South America” after Argentina? Not that everyone knows the land of tango is in Argentina but is it really necessary? You don’t say United States of America, North America or Liechtenstien, Europe or even Equatorial Guinea, Africa, do you?

2. Why do they have to give Spanish names to the stunts the contestants have to go through? The host even calls these show-biz has-beens and wannabees “participantes”. The series is shown locally and not in Latin countries! Duh?!?!? Just like what a local starlet once said, “over O.A.” na ito.

3. They have changed the format using the elimination type from 12 (or is it 14?) contestants lasting the whole season vis-a-vis different contenders per episode in the US version. I don’t mind this change, but it is pretty obvious that the local network is in search of new tv personalities or will try to revive careers of former stars who have lost their luster. But isn’t there enough of these reality tv shows for the past years?

4. Lastly, now I really wonder, why am I even blogging this?