For almost two decades, I have been given that title by colleagues at work. I think it has always been HR’s role to delivery the bad news for serious matters at the office.

The latest of events was when I fired my assistant last night.

I have been used to firing people. If my mind serves me right, I have done this for exactly 64 times. The 65th was my very diligent, congenieal, very efficient assistant. Details of this, I would have to do another post.

It was, I believe, the most difficult decision I have ever made this year (following 8 terminations early this year) not just because she is my sole assistant. The last month of the year is the busiest time and even if I find a replacement in the coming weeks, training and leaving the new guy on his own with the littlest amount of supervision may take some time.

But the decision had to be made. And I am firm about it. I saw ‘bowed’ heads when I went out of my room after “the talk”. I know it was a very unpopular decision since my assistant is the friend of everybody albeit her 6-month stay.

But I could not set a precedent in the event that something similar may happen. And it gives a message to the company that dishonesty, humonguous or minute, will never be tolerated.

Have to cut this post short, I have to do 3 jobs today and in the coming weeks.

I just wish I don’t have a complicated Christmas Party to organize this year.