After the emotional departure of my assistant Monday night, I was left all alone in my department to work on both clerical and management tasks. It is tough, not much time to sit, relax and blog. Ha ha ha….

I am aware of this scenario when I thought, planned and implemented the decision. I tried to prepare myself for gruelling days ahead (or even weeks) until I find a replacement.

There were three candidates I got to interview, only one seemed qualified. However, after much scrutiny, I learned that candidate #1 is a first cousin of the owners of the employment agency we contracted. Maybe I am just thinking ahead but this person might be the link of the agency for confidential internal matters in the company. That’s a big no n0.

After going through candidates 2 & 3, I called the agency and requested to screen some more and send over those deemed qualified. So the next week or so will be very busy interviewing applicants in between work all day.

I think I am used to multi-task, tiring but used to it. However, I am just afraid that running a department all alone may (or certainly will) affect efficiency given the 3 functions under my post.

Busy, busy December and it’s not even about the Christmas rush.