I have been quiet in blogging since my last in November. I only get to check my shoutbox and view other blogs when time permits. So much has happened since the end of last month and the beginning of my birthday month. It’s stressful, taxing, painful and tiring. I just hope the coming year would fair much, much better. 

Work perfectly defines “overload”. Loss of a close family member pained my heart. Having a simple to almost “no celebration” on my birthday made me re-think. Employment is on a cliff with nothing certain on what’s next by January. Car repairs abound. Heck, I haven’t even thought of making a Christmas shopping list!
But behind all these “tragedies of life”, I find comfort and solace from my family who I love so dearly. 3 of my closest friends would always remind me to hang on. Someone is always with me to lean on no matter what. And the Almighty who gives me strength when all else fails.
If not for them, I would have sulked in a corner and wallowed endlessly. For the past weeks, when depression sets in, I run these lines in my head over and over. Try it. It certainly works.
“Everything happens for a reason.”
“When you are down, the only next way is up.”
“God works in wondrous ways.”
“He will not give you anything you can not handle.”
At this point, I am just looking forward to the 8-day holiday. It should give me time for myself, to relax and de-stress, assess where I am going and start the year bright. 
Three working days to go and it’s Christmas. If only for the celebration if His birth, I know I should feel better.