I spent Christmas day in peace. I slept most of the day and was up for lunch. Slept through out the afternoon till early evening and headed back to my pad as I need to drive someone to the airport at dawn day after Christmas. 

I got back to my folks’ place before sunrise and slept again all morning. As I woke up, I asked my Mom of we’re pushing through with the Baguio trip to visit my aunt’s crypt at St. Vincent’s. My aunt passed away early this month. 
She told me her Saturday check up was cancelled by her Eye surgeon and was moved to Monday! Hay, and we were supposed to drive up to Baguio on Sunday and back to Manila on Monday. Hence, I told here that we call the medical secretary and request for a Wednesday schedule instead. 
Then we started convincing my Dad to join us for the trip. He wasn’t able to during the wake and the cremation. Knowing how stubborn my Father is, it is really difficult to convince him to lock up the house even for a day. My Mom and I were hoping we can have a family trip as it has been ages since we did that. And besides, it’s his 78th birthday tomorrow so we can celebrate it in cool Baguio. Bottomline….he can’t be persuaded. Hay….
Then my brother arrived from his daily evening jog and asked him to contact the medical secretary to request for a Wednesday schedule. He just told me that he can only contact her via SMS as the office is closed and it’s impossible for us to change what was set. So the Monday check up stays, eye operation may or may not follow, and the Baguio trip is totally scrapped. 
So with this long holiday which may take years again to happen, I’ll just be at home.