The year has been a challenge for me both at work and my personal life. Like any other year, I was like taking it one day at a time. And I always lean on to prayers whenever I feel I am losing grip.

Work-wise, it has been a daily toil specially since business isn’t doing very well for the past years. The worldwide recession has added to the difficult business environment in the industry we are in. No one knows what can happen in the coming year. Not only do we fear for our jobs but resources aren’t enough to cover final remunerations if ever retrenchment happens again. Capital infusion from the mother company is out of the question. The first two weeks of 2009 is much-awaited since we are expecting to get word on what the decision will be for the company.
My family wasn’t spared from distressing news during the year. We lost 2 members of my extended family. An uncle from my Dad’s side passed away mid this year. He is actually the last amongst my Dad’s siblings. And most recently, my aunt who has lived with us for over a quarter of a century, left us. She quietly expired after just 3 days in Baguio. She was taken by another aunt, sister of my Mom, since my Mom can no longer take care of her. Mom’s been sickly and taking care of a retardate sister is a bit too much at her age.
There were also happy moments during the year for me. I may have a few friends (most have migrated to the United States) but they have kept me company every now and then during the best and worst times. One flew in from the United States last September and is staying in Manila for 6 months. She is my closest buddy during my banking days in the 80s. It felt so good catching up after over a decade of not seeing each other.
Another is an old friend from way back when PLDT telephone numbers were just 6 digits! We lost touch for years but rekindling the past was a breeze. It was as if there wasn’t any gap that happened. Isn’t that what real friends are? In today’s (& Paris Hilton’s) lingo, he’s my BFF.
And finally someone very special to me. There isn’t much I can say at my blog except that I have learned things about life I would probably not realize if not for him. And that is the ONE thing I am so grateful for since I met him.
It’s a good year with my family too. First off, I have bonded with my brother unlike before when we rarely talk to each other since grade school. I am surprised but I guess, he has matured in more ways than one, and so have I.
My Dad’s health is better this year and I wish that it will go on for more years to come. My Mom however has been having problems with her 2 year old glaucoma. But she’s hanging on and her check up this morning is showing promise so as not to undergo another surgery. Her osteo-arthritis isn’t acting up too. Thanks to her favorite therapist at Asian Hospital who patiently keeps up with her.
2009 poses another great challenge. But with the people I have mentioned above who are always at my side, I know I can get by. Because if only for them, life is truly enjoyable.
And to my millions of readers (he he he), I wish you good health and strength to face your trials. May we all have a blessed New Year.
May the best of your past fair no better than what the future has in store.