It was a quiet day for me today. Unlike the noise outside my home especially when midnight struck, I practically slept all day. I just hope I won’t be sleeping all throughout the year. Ha ha ha.

So I guess my new year’s day is just about to start. 
I have no thoughts for today, much less what I plan to do this year. Well, I have a list in mind but probably because I have overslept, my brain is too empty to think.
Until…..I came across an email sent by a high school batch mate. And it made me think. I’d like to share this with all of you. 
Have a blessed new year.
As the old year ends and a new year dawns, we pause for a while and take stock of what had been and what lies ahead.

Whether 2008 had been good or unkind, we can only be thankful that we have survived through it stronger and ever more ready to meet the challenges the new year may bring.

At the stroke of midnight, amid the revelry and the fireworks and the Auld Lang Synes, remember, too, to pause for a while to say a little prayer. There is nothing more re-assuring than knowing there is a higher power guiding us in everything we do. 

And with a brave heart, we roll up our sleeves, stare at 2009 squarely in the eyes and we growl – “C’mon! Bring it on!!!
Nice isn’t it?