Last year, I had to two trips to the summer capital. The first was for my cousin’s (and god-child) wedding in late August. I stood as his best man. The second was to attend the wake of my aunt in early December.

On both occasions, I did not get the chance to roam around the city as the family was tied up with the reasons why we went there. And on both trips, the only place I got the chance to hang out (apart from the hotel and church during the wedding and the funeral parlor and crematorium during the wake) was Starbucks in SM Baguio.

Tomorrow, I will drive up with my Mom and my brother for two nights as we observe the 40th day of my deceased aunt. And this will give us a chance to see the crypt at St. Vincent’s Church where her ashes were laid.

This time, I hope to have a more relaxed stay in the city (hoping that traffic isn’t as bad as last week) and drive around and see the places I used to go to during my summer vacation back in the “?”0s … he he he….

I am looking forward to visit Camp John Hay and sip a hot brew at Starbucks. I hope the mini-golf there still exists and the uber delicious ice cream (can’t recall the brand though). I don’t intend to go horseback-riding at Wright Park since the horse caretakers never allowed me to ride ’em when I was a kid saying that I was too heavy. Well I am much, much heavier now so no dice. I would like to visit the Mines View Park, not to view the mines at the park, but to buy cheesy stuff. I am sure that place is still teeming with keychains, sweaters, back scratchers, brooms and the world-famous Igorot-man-inside-the-keg ashtray! ha ha ha…

And oh the public market is a stop I shouud not miss. We used to buy our purple yam jams from Tamtanco’s. They were the best before the “ubes” done by the Pink Sisters. However, I was told it no longer exists so it’s Pink Sisters for me.

I am intrigued with the ukay-ukays in the city. I would read (and even told) that there are several good finds out there. Hmmm, I’d probably give it a shot. Not for clothes or shoes though. I can not imagine myself wearing something worn by someone else. I suppose there may be items that I can purchase if it interests me.

I will try to take pictures and post them here next week.