Since the beginning of the new year, I have been swamped with work both in the office and my personal endeavors. The Baguio trip last weekend was some sort of respite I got despite the tiring 8-hour drive.

I have already missed events that I wanted to write here as I only get home at almost midnight and head straight to bed. But then, there are nights when I can’t get to sleep well (or maybe my mind is wide awake) because of the stuff I need to accomplish with so little time.

This was probably the reason why I woke up yesterday with a splitting headache that made me very nauseous. I had to call in sick even if I wanted to drive to work. But now I’m back, still feeling remnants of the pain in my head but trying to accomplish most of what I can for this day.

If it’s any consolation from what I would describe as a “day without any accomplishment”, I enjoyed the new season of American Idol. At least, the next 4 months will make me head home earlier than usual. 🙂