Today’s the promised day of Starbucks to deliver the new planner. I headed to the nearest branch just across my office only to find out that they have already run out of stocks.

How can this be? The barista stared at my frowning face as I showed disgust over this. There is nothing much I can do but leave the premises after he told me that a new batch will arrive on Saturday and was requested to try 2 closer branches just a block away.

It is bad enough for Starbucks failing to deliver the planner last year. It never mentioned in their promo that there will be a delay in providing the item once you have completed the card. And waiting after 15 days since the year started, I think, defits the purpose of using the planner on day 1. And now this?!?!?!?

I’m not sure if I am even interested in getting this planner at all much less buying my coffee from Starbucks. It’s a pity they may have already lost a loyal customer.