Today wasn’t just a regular weekend for me. After a 3-day hiatus in Baguio last week, I thought of relaxing this weekend. However, I changed plans towards the end of the work week and thought of accomplishing a lot while I rest at my folks’ place. 

I started the day early by having a full (heavy.. he he he) breakfast with a friend. Then I packed my laundry, showered then headed to my late morning meeting with my contractor and my engineer. It was a great hour or so meeting and most of what I wanted were met. And it felt good. Finally, what I have been pondering and planning on for 4 years may soon come true.
After dropping off my friend, I drove to my folks’ place to unload my stuff (read: dirty laundry) and meet my  Mom at her regular eye check-up at Asian Hospital. As I was tied up with my morning meeting, I just had to bring her home after the tests were done. But I was surprised to learn that it was my Dad you drove her to Asian. It’s usually my brother who would accompany her to the hospital for check-ups, therapy and a host of other medical-related activities. So I thought, maybe there is another “unpleasant event” again that transpired over the week. 
Anyway, as soon as I arrived at the clinic, my Dad decided to drive back home while I stayed with my Mom. As usual, the opthalmologist arrived 2 hours after the appointed time. I joined my Mom in the examination room. Bad news: her eye pressure jumped back to 29 points (normal is below 18 points). Her eye pressure tests have been erratic and hovering way above the acceptable rate. 
The doctor ket asking my Mom is she has been sleeping well, getting stressed, and not getting enough rest at daytime. Knowing my Mom, she is a worrier. Hence, stress has always been part of her life. So the thing that she dreads the most, another eye operation, is inevitable. Her first in January 2007 wasn’t just enough to control glaucoma since it is a progressive eye illness. 
She’s scheduled to see an internist early this week to get clearance prior to her procedure. Blood tests and a chest x-ray were required to see if she can go through it by next week. Her opthalmologist has given her 2 choices: (1) local anesthesia while she’s fully awake or (2) get herself sedated. As soon as I heard the options, I know number 2 is the only choice. But Mom had to ask her doctor to decide for her. I butted in and said, she is always tense and would shake prior to getting inside the OR during her past operations, so she really has to be sedated.
More expensive, yes! But we can not risk her moving during this delicate procedure. 
The amiable opthalmologist adviced me to have my eyes checked as well when there is an opportunity. Glaucoma is hereditary (and I was just thinking about this last Friday at work) and chances are, I and my brother may have it at any time. The probability is even greater as both my Moms eyes have it. 
After the Asian hospital appointment, we headed to the x-ray department to have the chest x-ray done. Blood extraction is scheduled tomorrow and both results will be given to the internist mid this week. So I surmise, her operation will happen towards the end of the week or early next week, the latest. 
Now this isn’t just a full day but really a full weekend with lots of anticipation.