It was a very hectic one for me – both at and off work. We had daily meetings that lasted for a minimum of 6 hours at the office. It’s our yearly review of the company’s guidelines for every department and re-visit the functions of each person in the company. A new agenda was included that shoould pave the way in the company’s new business ventures apart from the current nature of business.

Outside work, I had to attend to my Mom who just had her 2nd eye surgery for glaucoma. As this eye illness will never heal, the procedure is just a way to retain and maintain the eyesight level she still has. In a few weeks, my brother and I will have our own extensive eye check-ups. My Mom’s opthalmologist said that glaucoma is highly hereditary and the probability that the we can contract the disease is highly possible. Her surgery went well but she had to go back to her doctor 3 days after as the after-surgery pain was never relieved in spite of high doses of painkillers. This week, the sutures will be taken off.

Apart from these, I was running short of time preparing and completing application forms and requirements for my long-planned “self-improvement” endeavor. Since 2000, I have been pondering about this, researching from different venues here and abroad, and reviewing piles of brochures and surfing on-line. It is strange that after 9 long years of dilly-dallying, someone I have never known years back would persuade me to just grab the chance and just do it. (And he is not even a Nike fan. he he he …)

Towards weekend, after a couple of days of rushing for completion, I submitted, paid the fee and felt good about it.

Then, last week was the “last week” of a very dear friend and her husband from their 5-month Philippine stay as they need to fly back the United States. I met up with the couple at their Quezon City home, chatted for a couple of hours before bidding farewell. It was fun despite the circumstances of not seeing each other again for a while. But the great news is, they’ll be back this June! Whoopee!!!

It was truly a tiring and eventful week. What I was glad about was, despite the stressful schedule, I got to complete every single detail of what I planned. It gave me a sense of accomplishment.

And probably because I was good the past week, I even got a cherry on top of the ice cream! Nice…really nice.