I’m in a dilemma. My Boss ordered flowers from me for his Valentine “obligation”. I’m used to this as I always have arrangements made and delivered to his wife during special occasions.

The only difference is, he asked me to have arrangements done and delivered to his 2 daughters as well. At first, I felt good as this adds to my “small flower business” specially during Valentines. So I instructed my florists to prepare the orders apart from the usual clients who get from me.

This morning, my boss asked if the flowers for his eldest daughter be delivered to her office. (She works in Ortigas while the other daughter is still in college.) Since Valentine is still on Saturday, I asked him if her daughter has Saturday work. He just said to have it delivered on Friday.

Ok, so I thought. I guess he wanted it to be a surprise for his daughter. What surprised (and amused me) was he said to indicate “MD” as the sender.

Whoa! So he wanted to, probably, confuse her kid to think that she has a secret admirer?!?!?! But the initials are quite obvious. No it’s not my Boss’ initials but his designation in our company. (Really strange now.)

But what cleared things was when he later said that his wife wanted the flowers sent!!!

I couldn’t contain my laughter that I had to rush to my office and laugh the situation off.

This is another affirmation of how his wife wants to “show” other people that some soul out there is eyeing her daughter.

And the MD stands for Mommy & Daddy.

Ok, they are a client, I am the supplier. I really have no business in meddling with their decisions.

But what I am concerned about is how would the daughter feel when during the day, she would be too excited, anxious and curious, at the presence of her office colleagues, who the “dreamboat” is and only to find out when she gets home that her parents sent the flowers for her.

Oh well.