I don’t know what’s got into me. As I was driving home last night, I had a thought. I felt like giving something to colleagues at work. Since it’s the day of hearts on Saturday and Friday is the last work day to see them, I thought of giving something nice to perk up the ladies’ morning.

As soon as I got to work earlier than everyone, I place 1 long-stemmed Ecuadorian rose on the desks of all female employees. Then I waited as people started to trickle to work. Obviously, no one knew who gave them the flower.

I thought of keeping it that way so that everyone will wonder. I just wanted to see their faces, how they will react and be totally clueless.

However, our office security dampened…rather spoiled my plan when someone asked him who brought in flowers early in the morning. So there, my identity was spilled out.

Anyway, the ladies came to my room one by one to thank me….not really everyone but at least 70% of them. The rest have yet to arrive at work this time and one never bothered to acknowledge. It’s perfectly fine. Since last night, I told myself that I just want to put a smile to someone else’s face.

And I did. And it felt good.

Happy Valentines!