For so many years, I have always wanted to pursue further studies. I actually started in 1987 when I entered graduate school at my alma mater. I was about 2 to 3 years at my first job and balancing work and studies seemed initially difficult. But I got the hang of it. I was breezing through the Pre-MBA courses, more like refresher courses from subjects taken during my undergraduate years.

However, everything was put to a halt when I joined the Chorale group of the company I was working for. Nightly rehearsals and weekly perfomances for made it impossible for me to attend evening class. But it was the long preparations for the annual tilt amongst industry peers that took most of my extra time.

Up until I rose the corporate ladder over the years, my plan was set aside as my duties at my current work required nine to ten hours at the very least. In the early years of the new millenium, I thought of getting back to school. However, I wanted to pursue my MBA in another country.

This was a challenge for me, not just the difficulty of getting an offer from the university but financing the fees and cost of living as well. I must have inquired, applied, and gone through innumerable interviews for scholarships offered by private and government institutions here and abroad.

But I guess I wasn’t just lucky enough. And I observed that preference is given to government employees, people with background in various branches of science, and those who have proven to be bereft of finances.

I told myself late last year that I will pursue MBA no matter what. I have my choices where to take them, three actually.

So, some weekend ago, I took the graduate entrance exam at University 1. Man, it was tough! I can no longer recall algebraic expressions, probabilities and goodness I totally forgot what an integer was! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

Anyway, I’m still hoping that the exams were not the sole ticket in getting a program slot for this school year.

Then I prepared requirements for University 2. I have inquired several times from University 2 if I still need to go through the application process as I was just resuming what I have started over 2 decades ago. And even offered that I am willing to take once again those units I have earned just so I can brush up on the Pre-MBA courses. Ok so that lass from the admissions office from University 2 said I did not have any choice but follow the procedure.

Then a day before the requirement submission deadline, I called a friend from the Registrar’s Office to double check if returnees should really go through the process. He called the Vice Dean and in a minute he told me to e-mail a letter of intent to the Vice – Dean.

I was actually making sure initially if I needed to go through the process of University 2 since (1) I am unsure of what the exam results of University 1 is and (2) I did not want to pay the exam fee of University 2 if I made it at University 1. And the exam result from U1 is just a day away from U2’s application deadline and a day before U2’s exam schedule. (Am I making sense? Somehow I am confused with what I just wrote. Ha ha ha!!!)

Anyway, the Vice-Dean of U2 told me that she would take me in as a returnee and there is no need for me to apply again.

And this is something I am glad about.