With my aunt’s demise before Christmas last year, my Mom has been raring to take a trip to Baguio with every opportunity there is.

This March 2 is my Aunt’s supposed 77th birthday. My Mom instantly brought up the topic over the weekend of going up to Pine City this weekend. When I told her that travelling to Baguio for an overnight trip is too tiresome, she even offered the option of taking the bus. (Hmmm, she really is bent on travelling no matter what.)

I scouted around for Victory liner trips and checked out the Deluxe Bus that includes meals and a restroom on board. This comes as well with stewardesses who are at your beck and call. Cool!

The only drawback is the trip schedule available. For a 7 hour land ride, leaving at 11:45 am or 1:15 pm brings you to the city by evening. So one day has been wasted. They do have an 11:45 pm trip and reach Baguio early morning. This is ideal as you get a complete Saturday to roam around, relax and sip coffee while smelling the sweet scent of pine (if you are at Camp John Hay). But knowing my mother, she is too scared to travel at night.

So this leaves us with the usual aircon buses that leave the Manila tereminal by the hour. It will surely be more relaxing for me and I can do a lot of stuff while on the road. Or maybe sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz……………