Ok so I’m busy at work but I feel sleepy. Probably because I ate too much over lunch. It’s our Boss’ birthday and he treated everyone with Salmon, Chicken, Noodles, Steamed Brocolli and Fried Rice. And I had two servings!!! Too bad there wasn’t any dessert included. Arggh!!!

Any moment now, a variety of cakes and Haagen Dazs will be served for snacks. While waiting for the ice cream to be served, my eyelids keep on falling andmy uncontrollable yawning was already noticed by my assistant. Even a mug of brew isn’t helping.

So I went down the building to puff a stick then went up again. I don’t feel sleepy now but lazy to work. Ha ha ha!!! So I thought of daydreaming. What came to mind was how I miss travelling outside the country. It has been 7 years since my last trip, Shanghai and Hongkong I think for a work-related seminar plus half a week of R&R. Yes, R&R in Hong Kong. Because shopping is R&R for me.

Anyway, I’m wishing that my next trip be in these places, not particularly in this order.

1. Lourdes – I’d like to bring my Dad & Mom.

2. Vatican – I’d like to see the Sistine Chapel and buy a Rosary.

3. Manhattan – I miss this place 🙂 Broadway and Saks Fifth Avenue tops my list.

4. Madrid – I’d like to trace my maternal roots.

5. Prague – This place has so much history.

6. Kodak Theatre – I would like to watch the AI8 finals live!

7. Netherland Antilles and Aruba- Whether Curacao, Bonaire or Aruba, these group have always intrigued me even as a kid.

8. Warner Studios – I have joined the tram tour but that was just it. It would be nice to watch ELLEN; nicer if she gives gifts to the studio audience.

9. Harpo Studios – A trip during Oprah’s “My Favorite Episode” will truly make anyone’s day.

10. Helsinki – Hmmm, I wonder how it’s like to work at Nokia. Ha ha ha!!!

11. #1 Infinite Loop – I’d probably kneel and bow down with hands bent forward (ala “I’m not worthy!”…he he he)

12. San Marino – It is interesing to walk all day and night and you have actually roamed the whole republic.

13. London – Harrod’s is mouth-watering.

14. Dubai – Shopping defined.

15. Thimphu – Featured a month ago by Matt Lauer, the place nestled atop mountains and hills seems so serene.

Where would you like to go?