That’s the mileage my car has gone through during her over 5-year stay with me. It has been the perfect car for me mainly due to it’s interior space and height. But maintenance-wise, my old car, a Lancer, is by far more economical.

But since I haul stuff weekly and hate getting stuck at flodded streets, this baby works for me. Everything in it is at stock and that’s how I want it to be. I have never been a big fan of accesorizing cars or even “lowered” cars. I just find them odd and too..uh…hmm…nevermind.

I just hope it lasts me a couple or more years before I give it up. That’s mainly the reason why I only have it serviced at Honda Service Centers despite the higher cost as it somehow adds to the resale value.

She’ll be in “car hospital” for a couple of days and hopefully will be good as new towards weekend.