Graduate Program Admission Test. I took this from the State University last February 28, 2009. After almost 2 months of anxiously waiting for the results, the website posted to today the results. I wasn’t really keen on learning about the results since I have already been accepted by another educational institution a month ago. But what the heck, I would like to know.

It brightened up my day knowing that I was included in 1 on the three lists. At least I know I did not fail the tough test. (Anything with mathematics & algebra is difficult for me.) However, I have to undergo an interview this weekend before I take the proficiency exams slated on the last weekend of this month. The new set of tests would only cover two subjects. And these two subjects are my most hated since college — Math and Accounting!

First thing that came to mind was, “OK, I am still confident with the interview. But this proficiency exam will crush my dream. Definitely!”

But after talking to an accountant friend who earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees with full honors, I was told that these processes are just validations made by the school for its applicants. I just hope what he is saying is in my favor. 🙂

If I do make it to the proficiency exam, it’s time to hurdle crash refresher courses in Calculus, Mathematics of Finance, Algebra, Satistics, and Accounting all in 54 hours. Yeah, fifty four effin’ hours. Now this makes my mind spin just thinking about it.

Once that’s done, a 2nd proficiency exam should be taken by mid-May. If I am still lucky enough to make it, I can now register (I think this means enrolment back in my time!) the week after as classes commence during the last week of May.

Such long, tedious and tough process. But what can I do? It is the university’s procedure for incoming candidates for the MBA program. It’s a tad different when I started graduate studies during the mid-80s. I surmise, times have changed and this includes a university’s selection and admission process.

Ok, I’ll take all these a step at a time. I still have an automated perimetry eye exam right after the morning interview this Saturday. I hope both give me favorable results.