My colleagues & I have been dreading this day. It is THE DAY for us. Prior to March 24, a lot of preparations have been made, errors committed and rectified. Long hours and at times no weekends were spent.

Then, a photo finish for the installation of the new office signage bearing the new logo was done at dawn. After I had gone home, my assistant SMSed me saying that the signage fell during installation.

I tried to be calm, I was still driving home when I got the news. I called the supplier and spoke to the installer as calmly as I could. I thought, nothing can be accomplished if I yell my lungs out.

They were doing some “remedy” and committed to replace the whole thing.

It got me thinking, is this a sign? A SIGN COMING FROM THE SIGN!

I am early at the office to check out the damage that happened hours ago. Okay, so it ain’t obvious when viewing the logo from afar. Unless you get close, around 2 feet close, then you’ll notice.

I just wish the guests won’t scrutinize the acrylic logo. (Heck, everything was done in a week’s time — from canvassing, to awarding of the supplier who joined the bidding, release the purchase order, production and installation.)

Then I checked the logo sticker on the glass panel of the office right infront of the reception table. It is actually the first thing you’d see as you enter the office. It looked fine. However, my face turned red when I saw bubbles. And the edges of the complicated border of the logo were peeling off!

Again, I tried to keep calm, called the supplier and demanded firmly….calmly but firmly, that everything must be replaced by tomorrow. Still waiting word from their president though.

As I went to my Finance boss’ office, he seemed startled. I asked how he was. Ok he just discovered errors in his and the MD’s powerpoint. So I told him, “Is this a sign?” Puzzled as he was, I told him to remain calm and relayed the signage incident.

He started laughing. I suppose it’s his way of releasing the tension and anxiety at that very moment.

He then told me, “Is the signage accident and error in his report a sign?” I just retorted, “Maybe we just need to wait for one more and there’s three! You know, everything comes in THREES!”

Obviously, these were all just hunches. But hey, who knows?