Those basically described my Wednesday.

Happy. I passed the Saturday interview from the State U. I had a good feeling after the panel bid me farewell. I know at that time I cinched it. I just wasn’t pinning my hopes too high. However, the next step is scary. A proficiency test in Math & Accounting this Saturday is scheduled from 8 am till noon. It got me thinking, how can I hurdle a 4-hour exam on two subjects I did so poorly…well not poor but just average in Junior High and College? And I am very vocal that I don’t work well with numbers.

Confused. After reading the new schedule on pre-enrollment qualification and receiving an email from admissions, it got me thinking if I should still pursue the application. I wasn’t even being complacent since another university have already accepted me. I just find the process too rigid for comfort. On another event, I had so much confusion in my head with the day long meet at work. With so much information, after thoughts, and people exchanging facts, I got lost somewhere and could not reconcile what should and should not be done. If we will pursue or put everything to a halt. I got too tired, I think I’d sleep it over first and have fresh start and mind on Thursday.

Anxious. Late night as I am blogging this entry, 2 things dawned in me. I wanted to make a decision with the former issue and see how it goes and know what the real score for the latter.

I can’t control the latter. I can though the former. But then again, I’d rather sleep it off for tonight.