After the demise of an uncle and an aunt last year, there have been successive deaths of people I know or an immediate member of the family of person/s I know.

Q109 ends today and there have been 4 deaths since. FrancisM, an artist of ours, the mother-on-law of my Boss’ nephew, the father of an office colleague and more recently, the brother of my dear friend and former officemate.

Everytime I hear the news, it instantly gives me chills. First thing that comes to mind are members of my family. Not that we are a big bunch — we’re only 4. I always pray for my folks’ long life so that I can have the opportunity to serve them and provide them a comfortable life. I also pray for my brother despite our differences and his with my parents.

It seems I am not ready to face such tragedy in my own brood. When this fear embrace me, I try to recall what my best friend told me once.

“Whosoever pass to the next life enjoys a more comfortable state than us. Everyone goes through it. You just have to keep the faith that the Almighty will take care of the rest.”

It sounds like a cliche but it actually is true. Acceptance is the only way, albeit a very difficult step, to move on. No one is ready when a loved one departs this world. We just have to accept, trust, and seek strength in His love.