As I was preparing for bed tonight right after American Idol’s 2nd replay on StarWorld, I suddently heard a very famous (and favorite) TV theme by Henri Mancini. That’s right, the original Charlie’s Angels!

But as soon as I got back to the living room, the opening credit seemed edited. Kate Jackson’s name did not even appear on screen. It started with Farrah, then Jaclyn then David Boyle. I thought, maybe the dvd copy just “jumped”!

But then as it started, the first segment of the episode (“Hellride”, the series’ second after the pilot back in Fall of 1976), everything was super edited. I stayed on wondering.

And viola! Just after 5 minutes, the episode has ended with Charlie talking to his Angels on the speaker phone (box – yes, back then it was a box)!

Then it was time for the closing credits. I wonder why StarWorld did so much injustice to the hit series, making the one-hour episode as a “filler” before “Cops” aired on its 12:30 am slot.

I didn’t like it. But it made me smile seeing Sabrina Duncan, Jill Monroe and Kelly Garrett back together.