I thought of doing my critiques after each performance. So here it goes:

Anoop – Not his best performance, I think he slid after two consecutive weeks of engaging performances. I just hope he doesn’t end at the bottom 3. He looks more handsome though tonight, albeit with a reddish face.

Megan – Why did she choose Bob Marley? I hate it but she might be leaving this week. Awwww…..

Danny – I don’t think it was his best performance even if the 4 judges felt it was his best. He will be safe.

Allison – “Don’t Speak” anything about how she looked. Just overdid it, but vocally, she’s destined to be a rocker!

Scott – What’s with the electrocuted-look do? Billy Joel is curly but… I wanted him to leave this week but he did pretty well so I surmise he’d stay on.

Matt – He over-performed PERIOD

Lil – Her hair doesn’t fit the shape of her face. What has happened to AI’s stylists? And the one-shouldered gown was just too tacky! The bodice looks convoluted! Oh, I forgot, it’s a singing competition, not Project Runway. Ha ha ha…but she did perform well despite the poor choice of track.

Adam – Clean-look once again, and the usual powerful performance. Doing another “David-Cook-owning-the-song” thingy isn’t novel any longer. I am beginning to miss the bangs though. Should I say more? Yes, he will still be safe. Oh, what if next’s week’s mentor is Ru Paul? Adam will definitely cinch it. 🙂

and please tell Miss Dioguardi, it is Studio 54 and NOT 57!!!!! Duh??!!??!?!

Kris – The five o’clock shadow for the second week makes him look better. I get distracted though when his face deforms when he hits the high notes. He performed like a STAR. Not the best vocals but the rendition was truly heartfelt. I just hope he avoids breathing over the microphone.

Bottom 3 predictions: Megan, Anoop, Matt (or Allison or Scott)

Leaving – Megan (but I’d wish it’s going to be Scott or Matt)

Save – If Megan leaves, the judges won’t. She’s been consistently choosing the wrong songs.