This is the time when I take advantage of having quiet moments for myself. Back in 2001 until 2003, I take the opportunity to go to an Open Lenten Retreat at the Sangandaan house my best friend referred me to years back. It has always been refreshing to spend quiet time with the Lord reflecting on his sufferings to save all of us.

This year, my best friend recommended another Open Lenten Retreat at Southridge School in Alabang. It is much closer to my parents’ place so I do not need to be up early and drive to Makati to reach the session at 8:30 am.

I am apprehensive about this new venue and organizer, probably because I am used to the Sangandaan retreat. This is another new experience to be one with the Lord. And if only for this, I look forward to this endeavor.

Come Good Friday, our house was chosen as one of 14 to be part of our Village’s Stations of the Cross. My Mom has been bugging me to arrange the table where our neighbors will pray when they reach our place. I’m not sure yet which of the Stations will be given to us, maybe 7 or 8, so says Mother.

This long weekend, we trekked to a nearby department store’s textile section to search for the appropriate white cloth to cover the facade of our home, not the whole house, but the gate where our second garage is located. We got white votive candles and a small table which I was tasked to arrange at dawn of Good Friday. I have ordered flowers from my supplier and need to pick up arrangements on late Wednesday night. I hope Mom will be happy with what I plan with the arrangement.